Read carefully. These terms will apply to all services provided by L&I.T Photography to you, the customer. We will not accept any variation to these terms and conditions unless specifically agreed upon in writing by L&I.T Photography. By making a booking you have agreed to these terms and conditions in full. 

Booking Fee

The standard $50 booking fee secures the date, time and services of L&I.T Photography and is nonrefundable in the event of client cancellation, it being the agreed loss suffered by the photographer due to cancellation. The booking fee will be subtracted from the final payment amount, which must be received at the end of the photo session.


For best results, newborn sessions should be scheduled within 2-3 days of birth. It is the responsibility of the client to contact the photographer as soon as possible after the birth to schedule the session.

Should the client opt to reschedule a photo session due to weather, illness, or other personal conflict; dates and times are subject to the photographer’s availability. 

All sessions must give 72 business hours notice to reschedule (3 business days). A session must be rescheduled within one month of the original session date, with the exception of newborn sessions those must be rescheduled within one week of the original session date, or will be considered a cancellation and deposit will be applied.

Display and Model Release

L&I.T Photography may use any images included in this contract in their web site, portfolio, social media, blogs, literature, display areas, exhibitions, competitions, advertising or commercially. Discretion will be used in selecting images displayed publicly. Client will not be compensated for any usage described above. L&I.T Photography will not sell these images to any third party without additional consent from you but L&I.T Photography does work with vendors and does allow vendors to use images with their products in them on their website and social media.


Due to the weather, willingness of subjects or mood of the subject it may not be possible to capture all of the images requested.

If subjects are unwilling or uncooperative the photographer will not be held responsible. L&I.T Photography will do the best to capture your child's personality whether it be posed or un-posed moments. However, it is the ultimately the parent’s responsibility to keep your children under control during the session. If your child chooses to constantly act up or be disrespectful, is uncooperative, will not stay in the photo area, or is crying the entire time, we may have no other choice but to stop the session. L&I.T Photography, will however put forth every reasonable effort to finish a session. If the session is stopped due to this reason, there will be no refunds. If the gallery cannot be built out of any of the shots taken during the session, L&I.T Photography reserves the sole right to decide if the session will be rescheduled. The reason for no refund is because this spot was reserved for you and you alone. Therefore, L&I.T Photography is unable to book any other appointments during the time you reserved. In the case that you will need to re-book due to an uncooperative child, and the session was not decided for rescheduling by L&I.T Photography, there will also be the standard $50 rescheduling fee due to the fact that everything needs to be set back up for your session and reserve another appointment date for you.

Your online gallery link will be e-mailed to you within 2-3 weeks of your session. Images can be accessed by a private username and password provided by L&I.T Photography. After the gallery was delivered, you have 14 days to make your selection that you want thoroughly edited. You are more than welcome to purchase additional edits for $20/edit. If there are more images in your selected folder, when you submit, than your package came with we will send you an invoice to the registered email for the additional edits. Once the invoice is paid then we will put your name on the editing list. We do not touch your gallery, or consider the favorites submitted until all invoices are paid. If after 14 days no images were chosen for further editing, we take it that you are happy with your gallery and we no longer accept submissions. The selected thorough edits will be delivered in about 3-4 weeks after submission. After the thorough edits are uploaded to your gallery the gallery will be viewable and downloadable for 30 days. After this we don’t guarantee that we will still have backups of your images. If you need them reuploaded and we have them, there is a $50 unarchive/reupload fee that we charge.

L&I.T Photography may choose to create and share session sneak previews. Session sneak previews are shared at Clients are welcome to tag and share their teasers as well as use them for profile and cover photos. The client must not alter these images in any way. Images from your session might also be added to the galleries at Please contact the photographer if you prefer that an image be removed from either of these websites.

Image manipulation

The Client may not crop, alter, or manipulate an image by means of computer or any other technique without the written permission of L&I.T Photography.


In the event of the photographer being unable to attend your photo session due to unforeseen circumstances, L&I.T Photography reserves the right, where possible, to reschedule the photo session.

Risk of Injury

L&I.T Photography places a high priority on the safety and health of all clients. Decisions will be made with the safety of your family in mind and locations will be chosen taking the ages of the client’s children under consideration. Ultimately clients are to be held fully responsible for the safety of their children regardless of location. The L&I.T Photography studio contains equipment that can be tripped over and wires on the floors that are connected to the photography equipment. There is a risk of tripping and being injured by falling equipment, especially with small children. The client takes responsibility for the safety of him/herself and of all individuals present for the photo session and agrees to not hold L&I.T Photography responsible for any injuries that may occur regardless of location.

Limitation of Liability

In the unlikely event of a total photographic failure or cancellation of this contract by either party or in any other circumstance the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss.


Whilst every care is taken at every stage of the photographic process, in the event of a camera failure, operator error, material failure, or computer failure, L&I.T Photography can accept no responsibility for any losses however incurred as a result of any such failure beyond a full refund of the original purchase price.


All checks should be made payable to L&I.T Photography. Payments can also be made by cash (in person), through PayPal using the email address of or you can request an invoice emailed to you. A booking fee will be due at the time the photo session is booked and that amount will be subtracted from the final payment, which is due at the end of the photo session. 


Our vacation months are November and December. We are closed the week of Thanksgiving and the last two weeks of December. Please know that galleries are not worked on during our vacation time so that time is not included in your turnaround time for pictures. 

L&I.T Photography is under no obligation to provide sneak previews or dedicate time to editing a client’s photos until full payment has been received.